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Scientific Technology Is the First Principle of Production

After years of rapid growth, Chende has developed a complete technology innovation system. Chen De maintains two technical centers: the first known as the Guangzhou Enterprise Technology Center and the second called the Shunde Energy Saving High Precision Injection Molding Machine R&D Center.

To staff the enterprise technology centers, Chen De draws on many talented professionals with experience in injection molding machines or related R&D and application industries. In order to satisfy our customers, we dedicate ourselves to improving the technology level and production quality of our injection molding machines.

Our technical center insists on innovation, continuous development, and advances in technology. In addition, we collaborate with domestic universities or with well-known companies around the world to improve our technology and provide more innovative service.

“Cutting-edge innovation, careful design, and constant customer contact“ are the words we live by. “Professional and pragmatic” is our working attitude. “Pre-research one generation, develop one generation and improve one generation” is our working method. Our objective is to provide our customers the best price performance product and technology by continuous improvement and innovation.