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About Chen De

Chen De Plastics Machinery Co., Ltd., established in 1986, is located at Guangdong Foshan Shunde District, currently is an individual proprietorship of Hong Kong Chen Hsong Group, and one of the largest injection molding machine production bases of Chinese injection molding machine industry.

Chen De Company currently covers an area of more than 130,000 sq.m., and owns more than a hundred million fixed assets and excellent equipment, and more than 1000 staff. Chen De as one of the best manufacturers in Chinese injection molding machine industry, its annual production scale reaches 24,000, and provides computer in Chinese and English full-automatic precision injection molding machine of various models and a injection volume of 44g—62845g for the users, and customized products as per the needs, which is fully recognized and strongly supported by all sectors of the society and the users. In order to meet the rapid development of Chen De Company, the company newly registered Chen De Precision Machinery Co., Ltd., which is located at Shunde Daliang Fengxiang industrial park, and has been fully put into use in 2011.

Sustainable development strategy

Focus on the stable development in the injection molding machine industry, and keep the leading position among the industry based on the advanced technology advantages!

As per the pursuance of Dr. Jiang Zhen of “the country is strengthened by enriching the people with industry”, Chen De Company has innovated its technology and sent key technical personnel to the abroad to investigate the world's advanced enterprises every year, participated in relevant domestic and foreign exhibitions to broaden the vision and geared to international advanced technology. At the same time, Chen De Company has kept close cooperation with South China University of Technology, Beijing University of Chemical Technology, as well as Hong Kong Productivity Council for many years to continuously develop new projects and improve the technical content of the products. In 2007, the company cooperated with South China University of Technology and developed the Shunde District enterprise-university-research institution project “key technology and industrialization for energy-saving and consumption reducing of injection molding machine "; and undertook the Guangdong major science special industry generic technology in 2008- “generic technology research and industrialization for high-power servo system of mechanical equipment” project; and in 2009, signed the scientific special commissioner agreement with Beijing University of Chemical Technology. The company has always been outstanding of products technology among the industry by efficiently utilizing external scientific and technological resources of various aspects and achieving the optimum development quality and effects. In 2007, the company cooperated with foreign high-end professional company and developed the SM—P series nonlinear full-electric injection molding machine, and realized a great breakthrough for domestic full motor technology. This model is featured by energy and water saving, super silent, precision and high speed, and the whole machine performance can reach the international advanced level. In 2008, Chen De company actively responded to the call of national environmental protection and energy conservation policy, newly developed the EM—SVP series servo pump energy saving injection molding machine, which was another injection molding machine with significant energy saving effect after the variable pump and full motor. In April 2009, the company was awarded with the honor of “Top 50 key enterprises in equipment manufacturing industry” by Guangdong government; in September 2010, “2010 Guangdong independent innovation products” jointly awarded by Guangdong Provincial Department of Science and Technology and Administration of Quality and Technology Supervision of Guangdong Province; “best energy saving injection molding machine” awarded by China Plastics Processing Industry Association; in 2011, “Top 100 Guangdong independent innovation enterprises” awarded by Guangdong Provincial Department of Science and Technology. In 2013, the company was approved by The Economic & Information Commission of Guangdong Province as “key enterprises (high-end equipment manufacturing) in Guangdong strategic emerging industry ”; in 2014, Chen De company smoothly passed through the re-confirmation of “ High-tech enterprises”; and the certificate change and review of ISO9001-2008 Quality Management System; the injection molding machine produced by the company smoothly passed through the continuous recognition of “Guangdong famous trademark”; and won the honor of advanced unit of Foshan Shunde College Students Training Base awarded by Shunde government, and awarded with 100,000 yuan.

The abundant comprehensive strength ensured the technology quality and output capacity advantages of products of Chen De, thus providing outstanding service pursuance for the client, and made “Chen De” become a trustworthy name in the industry.