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Chen De Plastics Machinery Co., Ltd., founded in 1986, specializes in manufacturing high-quality injection molding machines.

We are fully equipped to handle all phases of manufacturing from parts production, heat treatment, sheet metal cutting, and paint spraying to installation and inspection. After more than 25 years of development and improvement, Chen De has a broad selection of machines ranging from a clamping force of 300 KN to 26,000 KN, and a production capacity of 24,000 units per year.

Chen De implements modern production management.

With goals that include a high level of output, production and quality, Chen De takes advantage of its connection with the Chen Hsong Group to import advanced machines from Japan such as the Flexible Manufacturing System, a group of CNC/NC Machining centers. All of these have made Chen De the largest NC/CNC machining workshop in the Pearl River Delta region. Our up-to-date equipment and modern manufacturing facilities guarantee stable production and a uniformly high quality of machine parts.

Lean manufacturing and fast response times are the two imperatives we bring to production management.

Chen De has been using the ERP system since April 2001. A seamless data exchange was developed to link the system with an AS/AP Flexible Manufacturing System (FMS) to increase productivity. Resulting increases in efficiency have brought Chen De important economic benefits, including an increase of more than RMB 1 billion in the value of annual output.

All staff at Chen De are aggressive, and passionate about delivering outstanding results in every aspect of the company’s activities. A good working atmosphere contributes to a company-wide commitment to pragmatic problem-solving.

A first-class production management team has been developed to complement a high-efficiency production management system. A careful deployment of technical staff at every phase of the production process sustains work team realities that deliver consistently fast response times. By using high-precision NC/CNC machines imported from Japan, precision parts can be produced quickly and consistently. Cost reductions are achieved by improving workflow via integration of management’s skills with advanced software and long experience. The integration of lean production processes, flexible manufacturing procedures, and precision control systems guarantees a fast response to market realities, including customer requests, which are always met quickly.

Chen De strongly believes that first-class production facilities and world-class management will consistently produce first-class machines and services.

To meet market demand successfully, Chen De has introduced advanced technology and machines from Germany, Japan, Korea and Taiwan. We now have more than 200 units of production facilities, including FMS (Flexible Manufacturing System), Vertical/Horizontal CNC/NC, laser cutting machines, etc. All these investments allow us to achieve parts production up to μM in precision, making Chen De one of the best, and also one of the best-known, injection machine manufacturing companies in the world.